We have planted the seeds, procured the equipment, almost perfected the process, and now we need to process the opportunities.

In most of my career in Sales, Sales Management, and Consulting, the biggest obstacle for success was having enough opportunities.  Over the past few years, we have found that the biggest limitation is the time it takes to execute on all the opportunities we have.  This is a good problem to have and we are thankful for our client's,  referral partners, and other business partners for helping us build our business this way.

We are seeking like-minded individuals who are experienced in telecommunications who can help us work on these opportunities.  There are basically two categories of individuals/teams we are looking for right now.

The Telecom Consultant Who Already Has His/Her Own Business/Firm:

Are you already executing no-risk assessments and getting great results?  Would you like to partner with us from time to time to help us when we are especially busy and work out a generous revenue sharing agreement?  If so, please consider submitting us an example of your work.  

The Telecom Professional Who Would Like to Start His/Her Own Practice:

Thinking of taking the leap from Sales Executive or Account Manager, etc. to Entrepreneur?  Would you like a head start and some support?  We can help.  Reach out and impress us with why we should consider partnering with you?


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