By Brad Lynde

President, Lynde Consulting

If you are working in a Sales or Account Management role in telecommunications, you’ve almost certainly at least considered becoming an Independent Consultant.  Though there are certainly many reasons not to take the plunge, there are also many benefits:

1.      Residual Income:  This is the biggest, first, and last reason that individuals make the jump.  I recall having a modest $2,000 / month new revenue quota working for a small telecom provider right out of college.  When I realized they were billing well over $40,000 per month for the sales I participated in after only two years, I realized the power of residual income.  It takes time to build but it feels great when you realize after several years that you will continued to be paid next month and next year for much of the work you did years ago.

2.      Immediate Income:  One of the biggest reasons professionals hesitate about becoming a Voice and Data Consultant is knowledge that it takes a significant amount of time to build residual income.  While this is very true, there are also many sources of immediate income including:

  •  Carrier Spiffs (often 1-3X monthly recurring revenue)
  • Client Fees
    • contingency-based fees:  At our firm, we charge 50% for 24 months and provide a discount for clients who want to pay upfront
    •  project management fees
    • ongoing support fees:  also another great source of recurring revenue

I’m in no way suggesting that you will not possibly take a pay cut for some time, but I am suggesting that it’s possible to make good money from the jump and you may even exceed your current income in the first year or two.  Keep in mind, you earn what you are worth!

3.      Helping Great Organizations:  At our company, we do a lot of our work with churches and other non-profits.  While I don’t begrudge any carrier the opportunity to make a profit, I often take great satisfaction at helping our clients reinvest their savings in their organization, ministry, mission, etc.  At the end of the day, we do have an opportunity to make a good income but we are also helping clients improve technology, reduce expenses, and manage their environment better.  It actually feels really good when you see it come into fruition.

Trust me, being an Independent Telecom Consultant is not for everyone, but for those who fit the mold, it can be really great. 

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