About Lynde Consulting:

Lynde Consulting is an independent telecommunications consulting firm based out of Rockton, IL.  We are a small firm but we are growing very quickly and looking to expand our business.  We started our firm 9 years ago and have served approximately 450 clients who have implemented our recommendations.  See more about our firm by exploring the rest of our website.

Available Position:  Consultant/Senior Consultant


  • Prospecting (Some Opportunities will be Provided but Generating Opportunities Will Be Required - 2-3 hours per day minimum)
  • Networking
  • Managing Referral Partner Relationships
  • Managing all Aspects of the Sales and Consulting Process from Prospecting to Closing and Submitting an Order
  • Qualifying Potential Clients
  • Analyzing Client Invoices 
  • Negotiating with Vendors
  • Analyzing Offers
  • Writing Detailed Assessments
  • Closing New Business
  • Preparing and Submitting Orders
  • Working with Internal Project Managers and Vendor Project Managers to Ensure Client Satisfaction

Required Experience / Skills:

  • Bachelors Degree or Equivalent Experience
  • 5+ Years Telecommunications Experience (Account Manager or New Aquisition Sales Preferred)
  • Existing Client Relationships Preferred
  • Existing Network Within Telecom Industry Preferred
  • Interest in Growing Your Career to a New Level a Must!
  • Strong Desire to Win!
  • Proficient with Technology
  • Good on the Phone
  • Strong Understanding of Voice and Data Products (Don't need to be an engineer but need to know what you are doing)
  • Ready for a Change!
  • Happy - You've got to be a happy person!


  • Salary ($28,000 to $34,000 based upon experience).  We pay a smaller salary and much higher revenue sharing because we only want winners who are willing to bet on themselves.  We also can't afford to pay people to waste our time.
  • Revenue sharing is included in addition to a salary.  This can be very significant.
  • Paid Time Off
  • We do not currently offer medical, dental, or 401K.
  • $100,000 to $120,000 first year earnings at plan ($150,000 plus is not unrealistic)

Why Lynde Consulting:

  • Laid back environment:  We work from home, or our Rockton, IL office, don't ever wear a tie, and attend client meetings in jeans (or whatever you're comfortable with).  We are a different kind of company.  Our reputation speaks louder than anything.
  • We have mastered the ability to maximize opportunities.  By that, we mean we can help the clients get a better deal, help our Consultants make more money, and ensure everything is completed with excellence.
  • This is a great opportunity for someone who wants to bet on themselves and make more money when they achieve.  Give us a chance to show you how we maximize an opportunity and you will be excited.
  • We have a great process that has been proven and refined.
  • We have all the support you will need from resources, process, tools (ie. fiber mapping tools, CRM, etc.), project management, partnerships, etc. all in place and ready to go.

Additional Available Positions:

  • Business Development Representative
  • Referral Partners (Sub-Contractor)
  • Independent Consultant (Partnership Leveraging Our Resources)

If Interested, please send a resume and email us telling us how awesome you are:  info@lyndeconsulting.com