2017 is off to a great start!  We recently completed no-risk assessments for two clients that produced truly amazing results:

The first project was for a client who has two locations.  One is in IL and the other is in TX.  We first helped this Christian, non-profit organization with a no-risk assessment a little over two years ago.  At that time, we helped them save about 50% of their voice, MPLS, and Internet costs so we were not sure what to expect with a new assessment.

Well, we completed a new assessment and helped them save 40% again!  The best part is, they did not change vendors or wait for their contracts to expire:  They also upgraded their bandwidth from 50 Mbps to 100 Mbps all while reducing their cost over $80,000 over the next three years!

Another client of ours, a 8 location church in the Midwest, just gave us a shot at our first no-risk assessment for them.  They work with one of the major cable companies and have optical fiber to all their sites.  They were sure happy they gave us a shot!  We helped them save over $650,000 over the next five years without changing vendors and without waiting for their agreements to expire.  BAAM!

Many wonder how we are able to get such extreme results and are skeptical whether we can do the same for them.  There are a lot of advantages we have when it comes to voice and data procurement.  One of the biggest reason we are able to accomplish such huge savings is because we have positioned our company to have an ultra competitive advantage.  We have collected very important and specific data from each vendor which gives us a huge edge.  We've also invested in tools that greatly aid us.  

It's a huge thrill to know that this year we have already helped ensure that over $730,000 is going to be reinvested directly into the ministry due to the savings that our no-risk assessments have produced.   We are only 9 days into the New Year!

If you are interested in having us walk you through the process in a 20 minute web meeting to see if your no-risk assessment might be right for you, please consider using the below link to schedule a short web demonstration.