About Lynde Consulting:

Lynde Consulting is an independent, carrier-neutral telecommunications consulting firm.  Our company is based out of Northern, IL.  We have been in business for 10 years and have about 450 clients throughout the US.  We focus on voice and data service and help clients procure new services, evaluate existing contracts, and upgrade wide-area network services.  We are a small firm in terms of personnel but have succeeded at leveraging our team and resources to maximize our results.  We help our clients determine what makes sense and achieve their technical and financial goals.  Please check out more of our website to learn more about us.

How Our Clients Benefit:

When we provide our clients nor risk assessments of their data and voice services they see amazing results.

  • 31% average savings
  • 83% success rate
  • Many clients never change service providers.
  • Most clients do not have to wait for their contracts to expire.
  • Many clients increase bandwidth, upgrade technology, or realize other non-cost benefits.


  • We have an excellent track record of success, so we will have a high chance of winning.
  • Our revenue sharing agreements are very secure and attractive.
  • We are able to maximize the revenue generated by an opportunity because we have multiple potential income sources including:
    • contingency fees based on savings
    • project management and ongoing support fees that are not necessarily contingent upon savings
    • service provider commission
  • We have two partnership models:
    • referral partner - hand it off and we take it from there
    • sales partner - you lead the sales efforts and we do the analysis, project management, and ongoing support
  • Regardless of your partnership model election, we provide 24 months of ongoing support with every implemented recommendation including:
    • written invoice audits
    • billing escalation
    • repair escalation
    • consulting for moves, additions, and changes
    • much more


Master agents are great.  In fact, we work with a couple really good master agents.  We, on the other hand, do not consider ourselves and agent, though sometimes we do earn carrier commission.  The biggest difference starts with the client experience.

An agent usually makes more money when a client pays more.  We normally make more money when a client pays less for the same or better services.  We believe this helps us keep our incentives more closely aligned with our clients' goals and helps us deliver a more beneficial outcome.

This also benefits our partners because they are usually receiving more revenue.  We often charge our clients a percentage of the savings and sometimes also earn a commission.  The overall revenue we earn exceeds that of just working on commission alone.  Normally commission is only available when a client changes vendors.  In cases where it is not in the best interest of the client to change vendors, our clients can still benefit and we can still earn income which is shared with our partners.

We also provide consulting services.  Many of our partners cannot act as an agent because they don't have the time or expertise.  In other cases, our partners' business relationships with their clients would not be conducive to them acting as an agent or consultant, but they may still be in a position to refer them to speak with us.

We are the best fit for a partner who wants to leverage their relationships, minimize their time investment, and maximize their financial benefit.  Our partners make a smaller percentage than what they would if they acted as an agent directly through a master agent, but we make up for that because we do most of the work after an opportunity is brought to us and because we maximize the revenue by collecting a combination of fees and service provider commission.

We are not the best fit for someone who wants to be an agent or consultant.  If that is you, we can provide some suggestions of Master Agents you might consider working with.


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